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Shotgun Rodeo: The New Standard (EP)
Shotgun Rodeo The New Standard CD Album Review

Shotgun Rodeo: The New Standard (EP)

Heavy Groove Metal

I didn't have the pleasure of listening to and reviewing Shotgun Rodeo's debut long-player, World Wide Genocide, an album which got some fine reviews. But I'm glad somebody pitched me their forthcoming EP, The New Standard. This six song selection is quite interesting.

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Describing the Shotgun Rodeo sound isn't at all difficult. Mostly rooted in classic heavy and thrash metal, the band adds the assertiveness of modern groove metal. Much of this comes from the blistering sharp riffage, rough pummeling bottom end, and also Nino Escopeta's aggressive vocals. While mostly melodic, he can also get bit of hardcore coarseness going. Actually, his vocals get increasingly more harsh in the last three songs, beginning with Drawing Blood, then title cut, and finally Born Again. While there's some merits to all three songs, like the nice leads, those harsher vocals had me dismissing them quickly.

It's safe to say, for me, the best songs on this EP are the first three. Batshit Crazy is an epic party tune with bristling riffs and leads, immense groove, and humorous lyrics. Uncontainable, without doubt, moves on the lyrical spin and the speedy rock groove, then those leads again. Around The Bend is almost tame compared to the rest, yet it still a brisk number. But Escopeta, in moments, mostly the chorus, dials back on his vocal aggression. Without duplicating or being redundant, if there were songs like these, even the first two alone, I interest in Shotgun Rodeo would be even higher.

Shotgun Rodeo - Uncontainable

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The Bottom Line

The New Standard finds Norway's Shotgun Rodeo bringing their modern groove metal, laced with classic heavy and thrash metal, in six songs. But I found myself only liking the first three and, if pushed, really only the first two.

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