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Aerodyne: Breaking Free
Aerodyne - Breaking Free CD Album Review

Aerodyne: Breaking Free

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

Rising from the musical hotbed that's Gothenburg is Aerodyne. Formed less than two years ago in 2016, Aerodyne delivered a solid EP and an ambitious music video for Old Flames Die Hard in that same year. Now, just in time for your Christmas gift giving, the band drops their first long player, Breaking Free for the Street Symphonies Records label.

Aerodyne Band Photo


The Aerodyne sound is very familiar, you'll recognize it immediately. The band warps you back in time and drops you in those wild and crazy, sexy and sleazy, late Eighties days of big hair, bullet belts, denim, and smoking hot chicks in six inch stiletto heels. Aerodyne delivers straight up melodic hard rock with a metal edge and then carefully spun into an AOR wrapper.

Every song oozes with strong melodies and harmonies, the latter notable in the twin guitar riffage, yet also in melodic lead vocals braced by gang background vocals, typical of the genre. (However, sometimes the vocals are hard to understand, a Swede singing in English as it were.) Also, inherent to the Aerodyne sound is a tight rhythm section, which lays down a strong, toe-tapping, hard rock groove with most every song having swift pacing. Even more, the bass line is heard in nearly every song. (Much of the clarity in the songs comes from a straightforward, rather raw, recoding with little production embellishment.) Next up is another usual suspect of Eighties sleaze melodic metal: some terrific guitar solos in every song.

Aerodyne isn't reinventing the Eighties musical genre, not by any means. Rather they're making it fresh and relevant for their own generation. The Eighties melodic metal rock is a great flag to fly, and Aerodyne does it with enthusiasm and with entertaining results. And, honestly, there's not a bad song in the bunch. They all rock, and surprisingly there's no ballads. Maybe they'll drop one on their next album. Favorite cuts: Pedal To The Floor, We All Live A Lie, Comin' For You, and As Above So Below. Easily recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Bottom Line

Aerodyne isn't reinventing the Eighties musical genre, not by any means. Rather they're making it fresh and relevant for their own generation. Easily recommended.

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