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Cats In Space: Scarecrow
Cats In Space - Scarecrow CD Album Review

Cats In Space: Scarecrow

AOR Melodic Rock

In 2015 Cats In Space landed with their debut album Too Many Gods, successfully castin the UK and European musical theater into a frenzy. With their total disregard for current musical trends, and creative, somewhat retro, approach to AOR melodic rock, the Cats got the attention of fans and critics alike. Moreover, they got them listening with interest and delight, and spreading the word that these Cats are hip. I know, I was one of them. They return with their second effort Scarecrow. Prepare to be entertained again.

Cats In Space Band Photo

Cats In Space

To say that Cats In Space have a retro approach to creating AOR music does not mean that their music sounds old and so, stale. By no means, it's merely a bit unconventional for current times. The band reaches back to the golden era of AOR melodic rock, mid Seventies to mid Eighties. They borrow and resurrect the best ideas and sounds from the likes of Queen, 10cc, Toto, Foreigner, and perhaps even some Kenny Loggins and Hall & Oates.

Going deeper, from those musical ideas, Cats In Space fill their song arrangements with lush vocal and instrumental melody and harmony, often led by piano and keyboards or guitar harmony. The same melody and harmony create the hooks for the cogent lyrics and catchy refrains. Additionally, the abundant and lavish vocal arrangements, in and of themselves, are a signature and strength of the Cats In Space sound. After this, the songs are spiced by elegant and tasty guitar solos throughout. Then all these things are driven by a sturdy rhythm section, giving the songs that sweet AOR beat and groove. Suffice to say, these elements create the perfect AOR storm in the hands of these musical magicians.

Moving on to the songs, let's visit a short selection to pique your interest. With Mad Hatter's Party, you'll catch a Toto vibe with the crisp piano start and following line. Yet the song also pulls you in with the delightful melody in the vocal arrangement, the catchy refrain, and uplifting groove. (But to say this about one song is to say almost the same for all songs.) You will catch some of the Cats tongue-in-cheek lyrical sense of humor with Clown In Your Nightmare. With some wistful synth to start, the song quickly surrounds you with it's rhythm and groove and, again, compelling lush vocal arrangement. It's easily my favorite song here. For something a twist, at least at the start, there is something of American Western music harmonica that begins Scars, but that's not the sound of the song. No, Scars moves more along the lines of an easy AOR anthem, clearly driven by the groove, lavish synths, and, do I have to say it, massive vocal arrangement. It's another killer song.

We could go on and explore more songs, but that would border on hyperbole on my part, and ruin the anticipation of listening to the album. Simply, with Scarecrow, Cats In Space stays true to their signature sound, creating lavish and expansive AOR melodic rock ear candy. Get it. Quite recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Bottom Line

Simply, with Scarecrow, Cats In Space stays true to their signature sound, creating lavish and expansive AOR melodic rock ear candy. Get it. Quite recommended.

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