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Chasing The Serpent: Last Stand EP
Chasing The Serpent Last Stand EP CD Album Review

Chasing The Serpent: Last Stand EP

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

The history of German band Chasing The Serpent is interesting because it doesn't begin in Germany, but Peru. Founding member, bass player, and main composer Ivan Carranza moved from his native Peru to the Institute of Music in Osnabruck to pursue a career in music. There he meet the people that would make up his new band: Janina Ruopp (v), Marcel Weining (rg), Nico Sznirmacher (lg), and Marco Kampf (d). Formed in 2015, Chasing The Serpent offers their first EP, Last Stand with three songs.

Chasing The Serpent Band Photo

Chasing The Serpent

As for their musical style, I'm almost reluctant to call it heavy metal (which is how press material describes them). Listening to the three songs, they more remind me of melodic hard rock with a strong metal edge. One reason for the former is simply the large hard rock rhythm and groove which pulsates through each song. Yet on the heavy metal side of things, the twin guitar riffage can be brisk and heavy. Additionally, the bass line can be thick, making the songs thumping and strong. As for Ms Ruopp's vocal style, singing clean and melodic, she easily sways between a hard rock and heavy metal voice. Yet within the song The Calling, you might sense some blues timbre to her voice.

So then for the songs, I would call the title track definitely melodic hard rock with a metal edge, the last song Snake's Dance more straight melodic heavy metal, and the middle song, The Calling, something of a hybrid of both. Suffice to say, Chasing The Serpent offers some creativity and variety in their songs. Last Stand, though desperately too short, is a strong start for this young band. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Bottom Line

Chasing The Serpent's Last Stand, though desperately too short, is a strong start for this young band. Solid melodic hard rock with metal edge. Recommended.

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