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Edguy: Monuments
Edguy - Monuments CD Album Review

Edguy: Monuments

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Normally I don't review compilation albums. But for Edguy an exception can be made for some very good reasons. First, on a very personal note, Edguy was the single most influential metal band to bring me back to heavy metal, after suffering ten years of grunge, nu-metal, and Garth Brooks in the Nineties. Also, there probably wouldn't be a Dangerdog Music Review site had it not for 2001's Mandrake and the subsequent Burning Down The Opera live album.

Edguy Band Photo


But on the band's side of things, Monuments celebrates Edguy's 25 years in the heavy metal business, and they're doing it in style. The CD/DVD package includes 22 of their best songs, five new songs, and one old unreleased song from the Savage Poetry recording session, Reborn In The Waste. Also included on the DVD is the complete 2004 Hellfire Club concert film from Sao Paulo, and all their promotional music video. If you order the special limited edition the package also comes with book featuring a history of the band. I know all that sounds like a commercial, but it's also a fitting celebration of the band.

But what of the new songs, you ask. Solid Edguy, pure and simple: that mixture classic heavy metal with nuances of power metal and nods to melodic hard rock. Here's a taste of three. Open Sesame is a powerful racing metal tune, driven by fast riffs and thundering drums. Wrestle The Devil bristles with sharp riffs over a crisp rock groove. Landmarks is pure Edguy power metal, brisk and bristling from the start, with one of those Tobias Sammet soaring refrains. As for Reborn In Waste, it sounds like early Edguy. You know, reinterpreting classic NWoBHM for the next generation. Sammet's voice definitely sounds a bit younger. But you'll be more surprised by the presence of a keyboard solo, and ominous lack of a guitar solo.

Generally, most compilation albums are done for the fans, but they can be a good introduction to uninitiated as well. Monuments serves both groups well. Yet, of most importance, Monuments is a fine celebration of Edguy's 25 year career, one that I'm sure that's not ending anytime soon. Easily recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Bottom Line

Monuments is a fine celebration of Edguy's 25 year career, one that I'm sure that's not ending anytime soon. Easily recommended.

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