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Iced Earth: Incorruptible
Iced Earth - Incorruptible CD Album Review

Iced Earth: Incorruptible

Heavy/Power Metal

It's been sometime since I heard from Iced Earth. My last Iced Earth review was nine years ago for 2008's The Crucible of Man - Something Wicked Part 2. With all the music that gets pitched my way on a daily, and yearly, basis, I'm not surprised I'm out of the loop. But founder and songwriter Jon Schaffer has been busy, dropping a compilation box set, a CD/DVD concert package, a few EPs, and two more studio albums. Of some interest, Iced Earth has had a relatively stable lineup since 2011, notably with vocalist Stu Block (ex-Into Eternity, ex-Omega Crom) behind the microphone. In 2017, Iced Earth drops their thirteenth studio album, Incorruptible.

Iced Earth Band Photo

Iced Earth

And Incorruptible is pretty fandamntastic. It's quintessential Iced Earth delivering their version of American heavy power metal with Jon Schaffer's interesting lyrical themes. Schaffer is a recognized history student, generally war history, but especially American civil war history. Great Heathen Army tells the tale of warring Saxons and Vikings; Black Flag speaks to the emergence of pirates; Brothers, to the bond of brothers in battle; and Clear The Way (December 13th, 1862) the civil war Battle of Fredericksburg (Virginia) where the Union army suffered a massive defeat. Yet Schaffer also likes his tales of sword, sorcery, fantasy, and even some religious themes as with Seven Headed Whore, a reference to the Whore of Babylon from the Bible's Book Of Revelation.

Musically, Incorruptible is a good balance between classic melodic heavy metal and more vigorous thrash infused power metal. For the former, Raven Wing, The Veil, The Relic (Part 1), and the instrumental Ghost Dance are fine representatives. Songs like The Veil and The Relic juxtapose milder movements with brisk metal heaviness. To the power metal side, both Defiance and especially Seven Head Whore have crushing thrash-like riffs and thundering pacing, yet without forsaking melody and groove. Throughout, the latest lead guitarist, Jake Dreyer lays down some impressive soaring guitar solos.

Essentially, for fans of Iced Earth, and American heavy power metal in general, Incorruptible is another solid and entertaining work. Easily recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Bottom Line

Essentially, for fans of Iced Earth, and fundamental American heavy power metal in general, Incorruptible is another solid and entertaining work. Easily recommended.

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