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Lunar Shadow: Far From Light
Lunar Shadow Far From Light CD Album Review

Lunar Shadow: Far From Light

Classic Heavy Metal

Here's another band causing ripples in the European heavy metal theater by making old school metal the new school of heavy metal, Germany's Lunar Shadow. Basically traveling under the mainstream metal radar, the band has released a well-received demo, Triumphator and then has been aggressively playing live shows including a stop at the Harder Than Steel festival. Lunar Shadow prepares to drop their first full-length album, Far From Light, for Cruz Del Sur Music.

Lunar Shadow Band Photo

Lunar Shadow

Listening to Lunar Shadow's Far From Light two things happened to me. First, I remembered how I discovered classic heavy metal, whether the proto-metal of Deep Purple or Cream or the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal like Judas Priest or Iron Maiden. Second, I remembered how much I love this genre: fundamental sweet melody, twin guitar harmony, gorgeous and plentiful solos, the swift steady rhythm section, and the clean and melodic rising vocals, all wrapped in a generally epic presentation. All this describes Lunar Shadow and their new century classic heavy metal sound. Then throw in some traditional metal lyrical themes like ancient history in Hadrian Carry Stones, or sword, sorcery, and fantasy in songs such as Cimmeria, fabled homeland of Conan, or Earendil, Tolkein's ancient mariner of Middle Earth. But perhaps what you'll notice most with Lunar Shadow is the strong guitar presence of rhythm guitarist Kay Hamacher and especially lead guitarist Max 'Savage' Birbaum, who delivers multiple epic guitar solos. If you're a lead guitar geek like me this album will impress you.

Let's make some mention of the songs and their character. A song like the aforementioned Hadrian Carrying Stones offers abundant tempo changes, yet normally runs brisk, then listen for some lead breakdowns. Alternatively, both They That Walk The Night and The Kraken stay steady, fast, and heavy with riffs and solos leading the way. The Hour Of Dying has a lighter acoustic start before amping up to the epic heavy metal, and vocalist Alex Vorman offers some tasteful growls. Conversely, on a softer side there are the acoustic numbers Earendil and Gone Astray, notable for its pleasing harmonious vocal arrangement.

Honestly, for classic "keep it true" heavy metal, Lunar Shadow nails it with Far From Light. If classic metal is your thing, you don't want to miss this one. Quite recommended.

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The Bottom Line

Honestly, for classic "keep it true" heavy metal, Lunar Shadow nails it with Far From Light. If classic metal is your thing, you don't want to miss this one. Quite recommended.

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