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Prospekt: The Illuminated Sky
Prospekt - The Illuminated Sky CD Album Review

Prospekt: The Illuminated Sky

Progressive Power Metal

Once more we revisit the "Where have they been?" file folder to consider Prospekt. Almost four years from their well-received debut album, The Colourless Sunrise, UK's Prospekt returns with their second effort, The Illuminated Sky. The arrive with a new vocalist, Michael Morris, and new keyboard player, Rox Capriotti. Guest musicians include guitarist Greg Howe (Michael Jackson) within Alien Makers Of Discord and Dragonforce vocalist Marc Hudson on Where Masters Fall.

Prospekt Band Photo


Much like their debut, The Illuminated Sky is a progressive metal musical workout. With apparently effortless and limitless talent, Prospekt easily combines technical musical skill with keen song composition to create both intriguing and engaging music. Their progressive metal is a tasty hybrid of classic heavy and power metal with generous portions of symphonic atmosphere and a juxtaposition of djent and shred guitar lines. If you remember the brilliance of the guitar solos within The Colourless Sunrise, except more of the same epicness here. Greg Howe's solo within Alien Makers of Discord is killer for sure. At the same time, Prospekt is careful to preserve the critical centers of harmony and melody, often led by the guitar lines, but also the keyboards.

Capriotti's keyboards add some sensual nuances throughout the album. There's the symphonic orchestration book ending Where Master Fall; the light piano beginning Beneath Enriya; piano twisted with orchestration to lead Akaibara; and then, after some space rock electronica, the same with the instrumental Ex Nihilo, which has a cinematic feeling. And cinematic might be the larger adjective to wrap Prospekt's sound with. Their musical canvas is large, their palette of musical tools extensive, creating an enormous and encompassing wall of sound. This musical sensation easily rises with Where Masters Fall, Alien Makers Of Discord, and especially the title track, The Illuminated Sky, which closes the album and seals the deal. The song delivers wave upon wave of riff heaviness, driven by furious pacing, then swollen with epic guitar solos, and finally wrapped in synth orchestration. Fine stuff.

Bottom line: Prospekt's The Illuminated Sky is a welcome and fine return to form for this talented band, offering more epic progressive power metal. Easily recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Bottom Line

Prospekt's The Illuminated Sky is a welcome and fine return to form for this talented band, offering more epic progressive power metal. Easily recommended.

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