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Reflection: Bleed Babylon Bleed
Reflection - Bleed Babylon Bleed CD Album Review

Reflection: Bleed Babylon Bleed

Heavy/Power Metal

Greek metal band Reflection marks their 25th anniversary with their latest and fourth album Bleed Babylon Bleed for Cyprian label Pitch Black Records. The record is said to be a concept album and, if you're familiar with many Greek metal bands, they often have an interest in Hellenistic history or Greek mythology. In the case of Bleed Babylon Bleed it's the former and a very serious subject, the Pontic Genocide. From Wikipedia: "The Greek genocide, part of which is known as the Pontic genocide, was the systematic genocide of the Christian Ottoman Greek population from its historic homeland in Anatolia during World War I and its aftermath (1914-22)." The death toll exceeded more than a half million people.

Reflection Band Photo


Turning to Reflection's heavy metal style and music, they're pitched as an epic doom metal band in the vein of their main influence, Candlemass. I really don't get that or hear that in their music. Mostly, to me, Reflection sounds like a heavy power metal. Clearly the riffage and leads of the guitar line is the centerpiece, with the deep and raging rhythm section driving things along at a brisk pace. That's not to say that pacing doesn't vary. Within songs like Takla Makan and Bleed Babylon Bleed, the tempo can sway between modest moderation and speed. The vocals are strong and forceful, with George Thomaidis singing mostly clean, melodic, yet sometimes a bit more coarse. There's a keyboard layer, but it's very hard to discern in any song. Additionally, according to press material, within title track, Reflection uses a Pontian lyra (or Kemenche), a three string wood instrument play with a bow. Honestly, if it's there, I didn't hear it. The Kemenche was crushed by the riffage.

Returning to Reflection's alleged heavy metal description, I think "doom" metal is out the window for sure. But there is small argument for calling their heavy power metal "epic" in some sense, if only for the bold sharp riffage and deep and thundering rhythm section. Nevertheless, overall, Reflection's Bleed Babylon Bleed is some persuasive and convincing Hellenistic heavy metal. Check them out.

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The Bottom Line

Reflection's Bleed Babylon Bleed is some persuasive and convincing Hellenistic heavy metal. Check them out.

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