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Renegade Twelve: Renegade Twelve
Renegade Twelve 2017 Debut Album CD Album Review

Renegade Twelve: Renegade Twelve

Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Rising only a few years from Suffolk, England, Renegade Twelve is a young modern heavy metal band. The five piece band cites some diverse influences such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Killswitch Engage, Pantera, Slash and Alter Bridge. From that we deduce one thing, Renegade Twelve is bringing a mixture classic and modern melodic hard rock and heavy metal.

Renegade Twelve Band Photo

Renegade Twelve

Breaking that description down a bit more, from the old school, Renegade Twelve borrows a foundation of melody in the arrangements, twin guitar harmony and leads, and equally strong vocal harmonies. Guitarists Jacob Mayes and Dan Potters are the real deal, firing off some amazing fret work.

From the modern era, the band brings crushing wall of sound through assertive riffage and a pummeling rhythm section. They have perfect mix of modern harshness wrapped in classic melody and harmony. Vocalist Sam Robson straddles the fence of both past and present. With a powerful and assertive presentation, Robson sings clean, with harmony and melody, yet has no problem getting a little gruff and dirty in his vocals (without being obnoxiously overwhelming). Next to the guitars, the vocal arrangement also sell the songs.

Yet, having said all this, I think Renegade has a secret weapon that many modern melodic hard and heavy bands often miss. That would be simple catchy AOR accessibility. Hardly a traditional AOR band by any means, but most every song here has some tasty hooks whether by the melody, fundamental rock groove, a catchy refrain, vocal harmony, or ambitious leads. The album and the songs are a near perfect storm, definitely a pleasing renaissance of classic melodic hard rock and metal slipped in to a modern wrapper. Song picks include Mad Max, Heroes Of Mine, This Town, War Plane with its fine vocal harmonies, and the inspired, old school revisited, heavy metal epic tale, Bill & Chief. Masterful guitar work and solid vocals drive the song. Renegade Twelve's debut album is easily recommended.

Renegade Twelve - Heroes Of Mine

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The Bottom Line

With their debut album, Renegade Twelve offers the listener a pleasing renaissance of classic melodic hard rock and metal slipped into a modern wrapper. Recommended.

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