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Rock Goddess: It's More Than Rock And Roll (EP)
Rock Goddess - It's More Than Rock And Roll CD Album Review

Rock Goddess: It's More Than Rock ...

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

With more than a little hazy vagueness, I remember England's female trio Rock Goddess. Formed in 1977 by sisters Jody Turner (vocals and guitar) and Julie Turner (drums), the band rode the crest of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal in the early Eighties. In a flurry of recording, Rock Goddess dropped two albums, within nine months of each other, in 1983: Rock Goddess and Hell Hath No Fury, both for the A&M record label. Four years later they released another album for a small French label, but it was the beginning of the end for the band.

Rock Goddess Band Photo

Rock Goddess

Speed forward to 2013, and the three original members, which includes Tracey Lamb on bass, reunite to give it another go. Another four years on and Rock Goddess drops their first new music in 30 years with the short three song EP It's More Than Rock And Roll.

If you're a fan, the larger question is, are three songs going satiate your appetite for new tunes from Rock Goddess? Probably not. They should have packed in at least two or three more. Alternatively, three songs make commentary on the same rather easy.

The title cut sounds like some heavier melodic hard rock song straight out of the early eighties, kind of like revisiting, or warming over, an English version of Joan Jett. It's mostly rock, rhythm, riffs, and groove, with a brief solo from Jody, and its too long by two minutes. The strengths of the second song, Back Off, are the catchy riffs, vigorous groove, and Jody's wickedly awesome guitar solo. We're All Metal is exactly what you would expect, an ode to all things heavy metal. It's marked by brisk riffage and a heavy bottom end and, unfortunately, like the title cut, has a minimal guitar solo.

And there you have it. The Rock Goddess sound is rather straight forward as are the songs. But I kept having the feeling that the EP was more flurry than substance, with only Back Off being the significant song. You may feel different. Check out the video below. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Bottom Line

It's More Than Rock And Roll, a short three song EP, marks the recording return of UK female trio Rock Goddess. After several listens, I liked only one song, Back Off, and found the EP more of interesting curiosity than anything else.

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