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Sparzanza: Announcing The End
Sparzanza - Announcing The End CD Album Review

Sparzanza: Announcing The End

(Modern) Hard Rock/Metal

Sweden's Sparzanza makes a return to the modern music scene with their latest and eighth album Announcing The End. Is there some message or prophecy in that title? Is the band's demise near? Sparzanza says no. Actually they suggest their sound is taking on a new form. Maybe so. I'm not entirely sure; I barely remember 2014's Circle, which isn't exactly a stunning recommendation for an album.

Sparzanza Band Photo


My review of Announcing The End comes as a series of observations, both musical and personal. Largely, Sparzanza's sound on this album good be distilled to down-tuned modern hard rock with a heavier metal edge. While harmony, melody, and groove are present, what you notic most is heavy thick riffs and and a thundering and dense rhythm section. Pacing can be moderate to swift like power metal. Sometimes some accessible rock groove rises within a song such as Vindication or perhaps One Last Breath. Next I heard vocalist Fredrik Weileby's trademark pendulum swing between clean melodic vocals and hardcore screamo roars. He's also a bit muted in the mix. Don't look for significant guitar solos. You'll have to find them with careful attention, but two come within Breathe In The Fire and The Dark Appeal, respectively. As for my personal observations, and perhaps a conclusion, I found Announcing The End kind of redundant and so boring throughout. I think this mostly came from the dual elements of heavy riffs and bottom end which was rather persuasive. Sure, nuances and subtleties can be found that allow for some variation, but I wasn't up to the task of taking three or more spins to discover the breadth of them. All in all, however, if you would like an European take on current modern hard rock trends, you might find Sparzanza's Announcing The End somewhat appealing. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Bottom Line

If you would like an European take on current modern hard rock trends, you might find Sparzanza's Announcing The End somewhat appealing.

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