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That Rock Guy: Nothin' To Lose
That Rock Guy - Nothin' To Lose CD Album Review

That Rock Guy: Nothin' To Lose

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

That Rock Guy is Adam Barclay, an Australian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. He's also a guy who's played in a multitude of bands, done mucho session work, and just finished touring nearly the entire world. Surprisingly, and mostly unheard of, he's done the latter without the support of a single studio album of his own material. Until now. Word has gotten around to the right people. That Rock Guy has signed with Germany's AOR Heaven for the release of his debut album, Nothin' To Lose.

That Rock Guy Photo

Adam Barclay aka That Rock Guy

Honestly, it's a pretty powerful debut album at that. Mr Barclay writes and performs, essentially, Eighties classic melodic hard rock, often with a sharper metal edge, but also wrapped up in AOR accessibility and groove. To start, his songwriting skills are exceptional. He crafts songs with an abundance of melody and harmony, largely coming from the vocal arrangements and guitar lines.

As a vocalist, Barclay has something of raspy texture to his melodic and clean vocals, something akin to a Bryan Adams. The guitar lines are brisk and sharp, giving his songs that aforementioned metal edge. And Barclay lays down some impressive solos, playing that fret board like a six string guitar hero. If you like guitar forward melodic hard rock, you will enjoy this album.

With that essential melody and harmony, Barclay also powers his songs with a deep and powerful rhythm and groove. Additionally, while he does it with clean melodies, he also knows a song has to turn on a hook, and uses the turn of a riff or a catchy refrain to do so.

As for the songs, here's some highlights. For something with a thick rock groove and stronger metal edge look to Can't Get Enough Of You, Bring On The Night, or One Shot In A Million. With that last song, don't get tricked by its slight gentle start. It's a rocker. With Your Dreams Are Keeping Us Together you get something of an arena ready anthem as it turns on a fine vocal arrangement, irresistible groove, and a catchy chorus. Finally what's Eighties classic rock without some ballads. Without You and Never Gonna Say Goodbye deliver the goods, with the latter having more of that AOR accessibility and smoothness. And a killer guitar solo.

It's all good. Every song within Nothin' To Lose is a keeper. There's not a runt in the litter. With Nothin' To Lose, That Rock Guy Adam Barclay offers an exceptional and entertaining album of classic melodic hard rock. Easily recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

The Bottom Line

With Nothin' To Lose, That Rock Guy Adam Barclay offers an exceptional and entertaining album of classic melodic hard rock. Easily recommended.

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