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The Murder Of My Sweet: Echoes Of The ...
The Murder Of My Sweet Echoes Of The Aftermath CD Album Review

The Murder Of My Sweet: Echoes Of ...

Symphonic/Melodic Hard Rock

The Murder Of My Sweet didn't waste much time getting into the studio after their third album Beth Out Of Hell. The band returns with their fourth albums, Echoes Of The Aftermath, a mere 18 months later. That might be a new record for founder, drummer, and producer Daniel Flores.

The Murder Of My Sweet Band Photo

The Murder Of My Sweet

While not a concept album like the previous platter, Echoes Of The Aftermath does find TMoMS continuing their hybrid of melodic hard rock and metal wrapped in symphonic orchestration and AOR accessibility, with female voice of Angelica Rylin at the forefront. And, essentially, that long sentence suggests, there's nothing new under the sun. Honestly, with two spins under my belt, I wasn't overly impressed with album.

Actually, it all kind of ran together for me, with only a few songs really taking hold of my ears. One is the title song, which has a phenomenal groove and a catchy chorus to die for. Another is Loud As Whisper. The vocal arrangements turn on a choral motif, lilting over gentle piano. And once more the refrain is both catchy and powerful. Finally, and somewhat similar, is Inside Outside, which features Ms Rylin at her most expressive, sounding both lovely and emotional. The simple arrangement of voice with piano and orchestration brings superb melody and harmony and, if played live with an orchestra, could take on the character of one of those breathtaking Celine Dion songs.

So largely, you can read more than a little ambivalence into my words about this album. Nevertheless, with Echoes Of The Aftermath The Murder Of My Sweet remains consistent and constant with their symphonic hybrid of AOR and melodic hard rock.

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The Bottom Line

With Echoes Of The Aftermath, The Murder Of My Sweet remains consistent and constant with their symphonic hybrid of AOR and melodic hard rock.

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