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Wizard: Fallen Kings
Wizard Fallen Kings CD Album Review

Wizard: Fallen Kings

Heavy/Power Metal

Since 1989 Wizard has been a staple of the German heavy metal scene, enthusiastically bearing the banner of "keep it true" power metal. Also, since 1995, Wizard has released a new studio album every two years. There's much to be said for faithful consistency. But with the arrival of their eleventh album Fallen Kings, there has been a four year gap. Wherein you say, "What's up with that?" I'm glad you asked. They paused for good reason. Three years ago Wizard celebrated their 25th anniversary. They did this in style by having celebratory concert and festival in there home town of Bocholt, and recorded a DVD for the occasion. But on to Fallen Kings.

Wizard Band Photo


As their output has been consistent, so has Wizard's style of heavy metal. Often described as epic power metal by the band and fans, Wizard draws from the roots of classic old school heavy metal. Think the German version of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWoBHM). They work the fundamentals of the genre with ease that comes from their long experience in the genre. There's the twin guitar harmony with sharp and large riffage, which move to epic guitar solos. Add to this a powerful bottom end in a rhythm section that can give their power the gallop. The vocal arrangements begin with Sven D'Anna's clean and melodic, but also assertive, metal vocals. His voice is then embellished by the twin metal tradition of both choral and gang vocals.

So the songs, in composition, develop from these elements, with some variation across the album. You have some galloping power metal with Let Us Unite, Father To Son, Liar and Betrayer, and You're The King. The digipak bonus track We Are Ready For Metal combines the swift speed with some nice rock groove, and adds a catchy chorus. Similar is the quick-paced and encouraging metal anthem, Live Your Life. Another song with a great melody and vocal harmony, notably in the refrain, is Brothers In Spirit. If there is any song that backs off on the brisk pacing it's We Are The Masses, which has that combination of both gang and choral vocals.

All in all, and simply, Fallen Kings is pure and faithful Wizard, offering tried and "keep it true" heavy power metal. Easily recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Bottom Line

All in all, and simply, Fallen Kings is pure and faithful Wizard, offering tried and "keep it true" heavy power metal. Easily recommended.

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