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Black Paisley: Perennials
Black Paisley - Perennials Music Review

Black Paisley: Perennials

AOR/Melodic Hard Rock

Black Paisley made their auspicious debut in 2017 with the well-received Late Bloomer. The Swedish band found acclaim from reviewers and fans across the European theater, and even the United States were classic AOR melodic rock is pretty much dead and gone. Curiously, it appears that Dangerdog Music Reviews may have been the only stateside Internet site to even consider the band (which speaks volumes to the state of American popular music.) Now the band returns with their self-released and self-promoted sophomore album, Perennials. Needless to say, former German label Pride & Joy Music dropped the ball when they did not pick up this album.

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Black Paisley

Suffice to say, and to somewhat repeat myself, Perennials is a continuation of what made the band's first album a success. Black Paisley simply creates solid and entertaining AOR melodic rock. Not dismissing any player, the strength of Black Paisley is founder, singer, and songwriter Stefan Blomqvist. He simply has a great rock voice. Singing clean and melodic his vocals are strong, passionate, and soulful.

And the songs are terrific as well, developed with fine craftsmanship and ear for melody and harmony, rhythm and groove. You'll find some stronger rock numbers with heavier I Want Your Soul, the bit bluesy Mother, the sharp riffer Step Back, and the catchy Out Of My Life. That last song turns on brisk and catchy guitar riffs, and then the arrangement juxtaposes softer moments with the crisp riffs. More AOR anthems come with Day By Day and Alone, which turns on a fine harmonic vocal arrangement. While Blomqvist is marvelous throughout his soulful emotion comes through with softer songs such as Sometimes, Without You, and the piano driven ballad, Stronger.

All in all, Black Paisley's Perennials is to true to the band's style and goal, creating genuinely entertaining and satisfying AOR melodic rock. If you liked the last album, get this one: you won't be disappointed in the least. Easily recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Bottom Line

All in all, Black Paisley's Perennials is to true to the band's style and goals, creating genuinely entertaining and satisfying AOR melodic rock. Easily recommended.

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