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Brothers Of Metal: Prophecy Of Ragnarok
Brothers Of Metal - Prophecy Of Ragnarok Music Review

Brothers Of Metal: Prophecy Of Ragnarok

Heavy/Power Metal

Hail puny mortals! Turn off your idiotic Game Of Thrones and Vikings television shows. I, Odin, give you Brothers Of Metal! Yes, how metal is Brothers Of Metal? Very. But alas the band name is a bit of a misnomer. While the band has eight mortal members, including three guitarists and three vocalists, they are not all men. One vocalist is female, Ilva Eriksson. But Brothers and Sister of Metal doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

Brothers Of Metal Band Photo Click For Larger Image

Brothers Of Metal

Nevertheless, this band of Swedish metal warriors comes to deliver their version of Scandi power metal derived from Norse mythology. Well, that's new you say. Alright cut the sarcasm already (or not). For all the typical power metal cliches, Brothers Of Metal (aka BoM; I was going to use the initials of "BM" but that has some shitty connotations; alright, knock off the puns, too.) delivers the "keep it true" metal goods. You know the drill: Twin, in this case, three guitars for harmony and then ripping solos; galloping pacing with moments of steadiness; and large vocal arrangements featuring harmonic and choral voices. BoM features the aforementioned female voice, but also a rough male voice for that Viking rape and pillage sound. The third voice is for mere narration. (What's your job in the power metal band? I talk. That's it? Yep. Well, that sucks for a job.)

How this all plays out is simple: take all these elements, mash them together, and repeat. Sure there's some subtle nuances like some folk metal textures and, in the case of the segue Concerning Norns, some nice piano. But mostly Prophecy Of Ragnarok is filled with epic, bombastic, and marching power metal tunes about Norse legends, yet with two exceptions. There's a Viking drinking tune called The Mead Song, though it didn't quite have the gusto to cause me to raise a flagon of Autumnal mead. It's more like a Bud Light drinking anthem. Also, there's the closing ode to all things heavy metal, We Believe In Metal ... and leather kilts, bare chests (no, not Ms Eriksson, you're such freakin' perverts), and furry warrior boots. All kidding and humorous cliches aside, for pure Norse power metal, Brothers Of Metal hits their target with Prophecy Of Ragnarok. Keep it true, dudes!

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The Bottom Line

All kidding and humorous cliches aside, for pure Norse power metal, Brothers Of Metal hits their target with Prophecy Of Ragnarok. Keep it true, dudes!

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