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Bullet For My Valentine: Gravity
Bullet For My Valentine - Gravity Music Review

Bullet For My Valentine: Gravity

Modern Heavy Rock/Metal

It wasn't too long ago that Bullet For My Valentine (BFMV) were the golden boys of the alternative metal world. Successful and top selling albums, sold out tours, and gushing praise from critics and fans alike were the norm for BFMV a mere eight years ago. But not so much with the last few albums. Sure, fans are still responding, and the band is making money (at least I hope so), but some of the modern metal luster has tarnished. Now BFMV returns with a new drummer, Jason Bowld, and a new label, Spinefarm Records, for their sixth studio effort, Gravity.

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Bullet For My Valentine

Perhaps the first rule for making music is, don't be boring. The second might be, don't be redundant. But thanks to the second rule, the first is clearly self-evident within Gravity. There's a common formula in the album's song arrangements. Invoking a larger use of synths and electronic loops, most songs begin with the same synths, which then course their way through the composition. After this, BFMV simply juxtaposes lighter parts with heavier parts. With the former it's the synths with milder vocals; with the latter it's a barrage of riffage and vocalist Matt Tuck going metalcore screamo. Then, repeat. While it may appear that they are moving forward, musically speaking, I feel BFMV is out of gas in the creative tank, running on fumes as it were. Certainly, there are other bands doing a similar style already and probably better.

In the end, because of these things, I found Bullet For My Valentine's Gravity neither interesting nor entertaining. Then again, I never understood why they were such a big deal in the first place. Let's see how long time fans react to Gravity; they may be pleased, and good for them and the band. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Bottom Line

In the end, because of the calculated and inherent redundancy of the songs, I found Bullet For My Valentine's Gravity neither interesting nor entertaining.

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