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Chrome Division: One Last Ride
Chrome Division - One Last Ride Music Review

Chrome Division: One Last Ride

Heavy Metal Rock

This is the end. After five albums Chrome Division, formed by Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir, will call it quits. But the band will do it with some style, delivering their own brand of raucous heavy metal rock. But their last gasp also welcomes back original vocalist Eddie Guz to help put the spade to the earth and dirt on the grave. One Last Ride is exactly that, the end of the road for Chrome Division.

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Chrome Division

As most know, Chrome Division has nothing to do with Shagrath's principal gig, Dimmu Borgir. Chrome Division plays down and dirty heavy metal rock, filled with vibrant rhythm and groove, guitar and vocal harmony and melody, speed and gusto, and just plain catchy, almost AOR-like accessible, hooks in delivery. Curiously, with this album, the nuances of groove, stoner, and southern tinged metal are lightly lessened.

And, excepting an intro and outro, in twelve songs Chrome Division has a simple formula: turn the amps to eleven, put the pedal to the metal, and rock the fuck out. All the songs jam, but I found I'm On Fire, So Fragile, You Are Dead To Me, This One Is Wild, and One Last Ride to be some kick ass rockers. The kind of motherfuckers that would put pussies like the retired Motely Crue to shame. All the same, for a twist, Chrome Division drops some catchy guitar rock and groove, ala Motorhead, with Walk Away In Shame which features Guz in duet with a female pop vocalist. All said, One Last Ride is a fine exit for Chrome Division, another kick ass album of below the belt heavy metal rock. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

All said, One Last Ride is a fine exit for Chrome Division, another kick ass album of below the belt heavy metal rock. Recommended.

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