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Dare: Out Of The Silence II
Dare - Out Of The Silence II Music Review

Dare: Out Of The Silence II

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

The iconic, yet sometimes elusive, UK band Dare, featuring original member vocalist Darren Wharton, celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of their debut album, 1988's Out Of The Silence. They do so by completely re-recording the album as Out Of The Silence II. This should be familiar to Dare and AOR rock fans as Wharton did the same a few years back for 1998's Calm Before the Storm.

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At the start, I apologize if this review sounds more like a PR pitch. If you have the original album, you may want to get II for two reasons. First, simply because you dig the band and the album, and you want to share in the celebration of both. Second, for curiosity, you may want to compare the two. And that's were the rub lies with me.

Back in the day, Dare barely raised an eye brow in these United States. I never heard of Dare or the album. Sure it was available as an import, but you had to have heard of Dare and the album in the first place to actually get it here in America in 1988. Now, if like me, that's you too, wherever you may be, then you need to get Out Of The Silence II. However, as to the comparison of the original to present day, I can't comment for the obvious reasons already mentioned. (Perhaps those of you who have the original can post comments regarding a comparison.)

But what I can say is: this album is simply vintage and vibrant AOR melodic rock from a great band. The formula is legend, consisting of great melodies, strong guitar harmony, clean melodic vocals, tight rock and groove from the rhythm section, fiery guitar solos, and some simply down right catchy tunes. Strong tight rockers come with Abandon, Runaway, and the guitar savvy Heartbreaker. More AOR arena anthems arrive with Return The Heart, Don't Let Go, and the piano led ballad Nothing Is Stronger Than Love. All said, whether you have the original album or not, Dare's Out Of The Silence II is premium AOR melodic hard rock. Get it; you won't be disappointed.

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The Bottom Line

Whether you have the original album or not, Dare's Out Of The Silence II is premium AOR melodic hard rock. Get it; you won't be disappointed.

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