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Falcun: Kingdom Come
Falcun - Kingdom Come Music Review

Falcun: Kingdom Come

Traditional Heavy Metal

We all know that India has had an active underground metal scene for decades. Today we welcome a new heavy metal band from Kolkata (West Bengal), formerly the capital of India under British colonial rule. Their history is a bit sketchy, but a glance at their YouTube page and it's quite possible that they began as cover band. There are two videos covering Iron Maiden and Judas Priest songs. Falcun arrives with their debut album Kingdom Come for Greece's Eat Metal Records.

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The Priest and Maiden references are your first clue to Falcun's metal style, essentially traditional heavy metal rooted in NWoBHM and Eighties power metal. Honestly, the band has the genre and its formula nailed down. Falcun offers a twin guitar attack in riff harmony and blistering solos, gallop and groove from a sturdy rhythm section, and typical metal vocals, bit screamo, always clean and carrying the melody. If there was a comparison to their influences, I would definitely say that they're going after a Maiden-esque style.

Speaking to the songs within, most all feature power metal gallop and groove, with a strong bass line, and then all things leading to grand guitar solos. You'll find this with Child Of Prophecy, Eye Of The Storm, and Knightfall, where Falcun leaps from the gate and gallops to the finish, fiery solos evolving along the way. With Brotherhood Of Steel you get a smart bass and drum start before diving into sharp riffs and speedy heavy metal. Vixen develops from a sharp twin guitar flurry into heavy metal with mixed pacing. A strong solo rises before the midpoint to be followed by a segue featuring lighter guitar, bass and then drums. Something more complex arrives with Martyr. It begins lightly with voice over acoustic guitar, then rises with a sharp guitar solo before it moves into heavy metal of greater intensity with more guitar solos to conclude.

All said, for a contemporary expression of classic and traditional heavy metal, India's Falcun nails it with Kingdom Come. It's 1980 deja vu all over again. Even the album art looks like somelthing from back in the day. Easily recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

The Bottom Line

For a contemporary expression of classic and traditional heavy metal, India's Falcun nails it with Kingdom Come. It's 1980 deja vu all over again. Easily recommended.

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