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Fantasy Opus: The Last Dream
Fantasy Opus - The Last Dream Music Review

Fantasy Opus: The Last Dream

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

While formed nearly 20 years ago by guitarist Marcos Carvalho, the last time we heard from Portugal's Fantasy Opus was with 2008's Beyond Eternity. More recently, Fantasy Opus is practically a brand new band with Leonel Silva (v), Ruben Reis (rg), and Ricardo Allonzo (d) added in the last five years. Now Carvalho and band finally drop their sophomore effort, The Last Dream.

Fantasy Opus Band Photo

Fantasy Opus

Several things need to be mentioned about the album to start. First, it's a really long album, eleven songs over 71 minutes. Second, The Last Dream is partially a concept album, "a romanticized and surreal journey across the universe generated within the dreams and the psyche of a dying old man." The story consists of six of the eleven songs, but promotional material does not tell you which six songs. Is it the first six, perhaps the last six? Who knows? (Actually somebody does know, but they ain't talking.)

After this, the next thing you need to know is that Fantasy Opus and The Last Dream is essentially a stage for Marcos Carvalho's impressive neo-classical guitar skills. That's to say, his guitar lines are the centerpiece with the solos abundant and thrilling. Finally, with a few exceptions, all these things are arranged in traditional European guitar wizard power metal. You'll hear these fulfilled in Ritual Of Blood, Conquer The Seas, Every Scar Tells A Story, and Realm Of The Mighty Gods. Alternatively, with Lust you have something of a ballad, mostly voice with acoustic guitar. Black Angels is similar with the acoustic guitar and voice, but concludes with crescendo of power metal with a soaring solo. The longest track Perfect Storm might qualify as progressive power metal with it's mixed pacing and several breakdowns. Mostly it's simply another platform for Marcos Carvalho's thrilling fret work. All said, if you like very guitar-forward melodic power metal, you will enjoy Fantasy Opus and The Last Dream. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

The Bottom Line

If you like very guitar-forward melodic power metal, you will enjoy Fantasy Opus, The Last Dream, and Marcos Carvalho's abundant and extravagant guitar work. Recommended.

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