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Gama Bomb: Speed Between The Lines
Gama Bomb - Speed Between The Lines Music Review

Gama Bomb: Speed Between The Lines

Speed/Thrash Metal

Though it's been three years since their last studio effort, Irish metal maniacs Gama Bomb have been dropping tunes consistently since their inception in 2002. That's good news in light of vocalist Philly Byrne's throat surgery and rehabilitation over the last five years. Byrne and Gama Bomb are healthy and hearty, ready to deliver their sixth album, Speed Between The Lines.

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Gama Bomb

As you would expect, Speed Between The Lines is pure Gama Bomb. The essence of Gama Bomb's heavy metal is equally simple: speed and more speed wrapped in the riffs and rhythm of thrash metal, boosted by generous amounts of gang vocals, and roaring with fast guitar solos. Essentially, everything about a Bomber album is a horse race from the start, galloping and thrashing its way to an epic guitar solo. No sense reinventing the speed metal wheel.

If the music is familiar and predictable, so is the lyrical themes: retro books and comics, b-movies, and social criticism. We R Going 2 Eat U offers some social criticism of poverty and the income gap in developed nations. Alt-Reich takes a swing at right wing political populism rising in some Western nations. (Though, I would guess, their opinions is likely informed by shallow knowledge and equally partisan liberal cynicism.) They also drop an ode to Kurt Russel(l), but I'm guessing it's for his grind house and B-movie fodder, rather than his goofy Disney teen comedies. Otherwise, for Gama Bomb's Speed Between The Lines, the listener merely needs to strap in and ride along for the speed metal rush. If that's your thing.

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The Bottom Line

For Gama Bomb's Speed Between The Lines, the listener merely needs to strap in and ride along for the speed metal rush. If that's your thing.

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