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Helion Prime: Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster
Helion Prime - Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster Music Review

Helion Prime: Terror Of The Cybernetic ...

Heavy/Power Metal

California's Helion Prime, formed by principal songwriter and rhythm guitarist Jason Ashcraft (Dire Peril), began its life with the successful self-promotion of 2015's EP, The Drake Equation and 2016's debut LP, Helion Prime. Their DIY work ethic did not go unnoticed. Germany's AFM Records picked up the debut for international release in 2017. Now the band returns with their sophomore long player, Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster with a few personnel changes at hand. Gone is female vocalist Heather Michele Smith from Graveshadow, being replaced by newcomer Sozos Michael. Also, Helion Prime has a new lead guitar player and drummer with Chad Anderson and Alex Bosson, respectively.

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Helion Prime

Musically, not much else has changed for Helion Prime; the band basically delivers American heavy power metal. Actually, the most simple description for every song within TOTCSM is simply, fast and heavy. That's not to say that there aren't some tempo changes here and there. But, mostly, with some modest exceptions, the album is a gallop from start to finish. After this, the album has Helion Prime's other signature element: riffage upon riffage upon riffage from twin guitars. Underneath, the rhythm section is relentless and bludgeoning. Then all these things lead to the inevitable multiple guitar solos. Simply, this is guitar-centered power metal. As for Mr Michael two observations can be made. First, with his soprano like timbre, I almost mistook him for a female vocalist. Second, like the previous album, while singing strong and clear, he's nearly crushed in the mix. Alternatively, within the quieter moments of the title cut, for instance, his voice rise eloquently.

As for the songs, beyond the "fast and heavy" general description, you'll find that The Human Condition and Spectrum can have moderate almost milder starts. The former quickly leaps into power metal, the latter stays more steady and heavy. Yet the best example of more variation comes with epic 17 minute title cut where light and heavy parts and fast and moderate tempos, are twisted into a vexing and entertaining combination. Perhaps, Helion Prime is leaning more towards progressive power metal in the future. Otherwise, songs such as Failed Hypothesis or A King Is Born are essentially bullet trains. Yet with all the speed and heaviness, what makes every song accessible is Helion Prime's ability to temper the heaviness with vocal and guitar harmony.

Suffice to say, Helion Prime's Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster is another epic platter of their fast and heavy, guitar-forward, American power metal. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Bottom Line

Helion Prime's Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster is another epic platter of their fast and heavy, guitar-forward, American power metal. Recommended.

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