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Kilmara: Across The Realm Of Time
Kilmara - Across The Realm Of Time Music Review

Kilmara: Across The Realm Of Time

Melodic/Heavy/Power Metal

Spain's Kilmara, while remaining active, has been absent from the studio since 2014's Love Songs and Other Nightmares. You remember that one. It had the hot chick on the cover to help sell a rather average, yet heavy hitting, power metal album. Well, Kilmara returns with their fourth album, Across The Realm Of Time, and the album beauty has been replaced by a mythical Mideastern time traveler. The album also arrives with some new personnel in American singer Daniel Ponce and Argentinean guitarist Miguel Laise.

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I will say from the start, Across The Realm Of Time is far superior to their previous album, and perhaps most everything they have done in the past. With the last album, the band seemed to simply want to sound heavier and then also made the mistake of playing with some death vocals. Alternatively, with this album, Kilmara seems intent on delivering pure melodic heavy power metal. All the songs are large on strong vocals and vocal harmony, brisk riffs with keen guitar harmony, more groove with power from the rhythm section, and then all these things are complemented by ripping guitar solos. Certainly the "heaviness" of metal remains, but it's tempered for accessibility with three things: strong melody, more harmony from voice and guitars, and more rock groove in the rhythm section. Also, Mr Ponce is a fine vocalist reminding me somewhat of Tommy Karevik or Roy Kahn.

As for the songs, there are more highlights than disappointments. For stronger melodic heavy metal listen for the more forceful power metal of The Forge or Purging Flames. The aforementioned accessible groove rises large within Disciples and The End Of The World, which features a strong drum line. With The Silent Guide, Kilmara twists heavier moments with lighter segues where Ponce's vocals come to the forefront. Principle Of Hatred, mostly a power metal number, is notable for the Mideastern acoustic guitar at the start. Yet, the killer song here, and my favorite, is I Shall Rise Again, a melodic metal ballad which features female vocals from Viktorie Surmova (Surmatra, Rosa Nocturna, Victorius). All in all, Across The Realm Of Time is a strong and superior effort from Kilmara, a solid and entertaining album of melodic heavy metal. Recommended. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Bottom Line

All in all, Across The Realm Of Time is a strong and superior effort from Kilmara, a solid and entertaining album of melodic heavy metal. Recommended.

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