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Rikard Sjoblom's Gungfly: Friendship
Rikard Sjoblom's Gungfly - Friendship Music Review

Rikard Sjoblom's Gungfly: Friendship

Melodic Progressive Rock

Apparently always creative and consistently busy, former Beardfish vocalist Rikard Sjoblom returns with another Gungfly album. Inspired by pictures of his childhood and a tree house favored by neighborhood pals, Friendship revisits those times and those friends with Sjoblom's signature melodic progressive rock.

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Rikard Sjoblom

While the name may be the project or band name, Gungfly is all about Sjoblom's multi-layered song compositions that features his voice and multi-instrumental versatility. He handles most of the guitars, bass, and keyboards, yet with guests filling in on the two former instruments at times. As for the songs, they're a lively mixture all those instruments blended into a fusion of prog, jazz, and rock music. Sjoblom may be a master of prog mysticism, but he definitely knows how to craft a tune around melody, harmony, rhythm and groove. Essentially, any Sjoblom/Gungfly song is a mixture of intrigue and accessibility. As I said of label mate The Tangent's latest Proxy: " ... listen both carefully and casually. Enjoy the intrigue of the arrangements, but be also be entertained by them in a carefree sort of way."

This sentiment is well founded in all songs, but I had some favorites. One is the title track which begins with a fluid combination of bass and wispy symphonic synths. It continues as mostly instrumental with additions of light piano and then Gilmour-like guitar work (before adding the vocal part). Another favorite is the mostly instrumental piece A Tree house In The Glade, where Sjoblom tries to interpret musically the album art, a picture of himself as a child atop his tree house. It's a light frolicking tune featuring tandem keyboard and guitar work. Some delicate, almost classical, piano begins Crown Of Leaves, but the song definitely evolves into a tune with more than a few jazz-like interpretations. With Stone Cold, you'll find something of a rocker with strong riffs and solid drums mixed and muddled with some Hammond organ and jazz-like guitar licks. Overall, Friendship finds Rikard Sjoblom once more at his creative best, delivering intriguing and entertaining melodic progressive rock. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

Friendship finds Rikard Sjoblom once more at his creative best, delivering intriguing and entertaining melodic progressive rock. Recommended.

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