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Tad Morose: Chapter X
Tad Morose - Chapter X Album Music Review

Tad Morose: Chapter X

Heavy/Power Metal

Celebrating nearly 30 years in the heavy metal universe, Tad Morose, led by founding member and guitarist Christer Krunt Andersson, returns with their tenth studio album, Chapter X. They're including the 2000 compilation album Reflections as a studio album, which is kind of odd. But they can tell their story any which way the want. The new album features the arrival of new bass player Johan Lofgren.

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Tad Morose

Tad Morose as a band needs little introduction. A Swedish institution, they basically play European heavy power metal, and heavily guitar-centered at that. Essentially the songs are constructed around Andersson's guitar lines where the arrangements always drive to a significant solo. Sure, in some sense there's variation in sound and pacing. But mostly, the formula remains the same: crank out the heavy power metal, and then let Andersson boggle your mind with his fiery fret work. The wild card in this mix, for me, has always been Ronny Hemlin's vocal style. One moment he seems melodic and smooth, at another time he's gruff to screamo. Some call that versatility. Me, I'll politely pass.

As for the songs, you'll get your money's worth with 14 songs in an hour. To me, they all kind of ran together. But if I had to pick one that was rather impressive, it would be the opener Apocalypse, something more akin to progressive power metal. Listen to the video below. It may surprise you. Otherwise, my recommendation is simple: if you're a fan of Tad Morose, you will probably like Chapter X and not be disappointed. - New fiction, crime fiction by Craig Hartranft

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The Bottom Line

My recommendation is simple: if you're a fan of Tad Morose, you will probably like Chapter X and not be disappointed.

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