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All Things Fallen: All Things Fallen
All Things Fallen 2019 Debut Album Music Review

All Things Fallen: All Things Fallen

Melodic Progressive Metal

When you have so much music swimming in your head and you have to get it out, what do you do? In the case of songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Markus Sigfridsson (Darkwater, Harmony, 7days) you create a new band, All Things Fallen. The band is a trio featuring vocalist Erik Tordsson (End Of September) and drummer Leo Margarit (Pain of Salvation), with Sigfridsson playing everything else.

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All Things Fallen

Essentially, All Things Fallen (ATF) is going after a melodic progressive metal sound, yet wrapped in melodic hard rock accessibility. That is to say that the songs are moderately complex in arrangement, yet feature an abundance of melody, harmony, and groove. The vocal harmony is especially notable throughout. Tordsson has a fine melodic presence, a smooth delivery and, thanks to some smart production, he's never overwhelmed by the music.

For the groove side, Margarit is the complete drummer, maintaining tempo and beat yet also displaying a flurry of prog curiosity. After these things, Sigfridsson adds some keyboard parts including synth orchestration. Within the song In The Divide, true violin is heard from guest artist Maria Grig. Then Sigfridsson drops in some masterful and creative guitar solos that will please any listener who loves the same.

As for the songs, the aforementioned attributes allow for an enjoyable listen. The songs are complex enough to be intriguing, yet honed and polished to be catchy and accessible. With I Wait For You, you'll find that elusive combination of prog wonkery with some pedestrian accessibility. As mentioned earlier, the violin within In The Divide is a real pleasure, tempering the heaviness of the bass and drums. For When Your Heroes Fall, ATF drops in some moments of heaviness and speed for some progressive power metal. Something odd, however, is the bits of narrative talking that appears in some songs. I'm not sure what their purpose is. Nevertheless, All Things Fallen's debut is both an interesting and solid album of melodic progressive metal that fans of the genre will want to explore. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

All Things Fallen's debut is both an interesting and solid album of melodic progressive metal that fans of the genre will want to explore.

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