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Ardours: Last Place On Earth
Ardours - Last Place On Earth Music Review

Ardours: Last Place On Earth

Melodic Symphonic Heavy Rock

Developed a mere four years ago, Ardours is the collaboration of two friends, vocalist Mariangela Demurtas and multi-instrumentalist and producer Kris Laurent. You might recall Ms Demurtas as the lead vocalist for Norwegian symphonic gothic metal band Tristania, with whom she has done two studio albums.

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Ardours is being pitched as a alternative gothic metal band twisted with some Eighties synth new wave rock (such as Ultravox, Depeche Mode, The Cure, et al). While "alternative" has become an overly abused description for rock music, I've never quite understood the "gothic" label. Is it because of the often dark sometimes depressing emotional lyrical themes. Or perhaps the necessity to wear black clothing, lipstick, and heavy eye liner and and shadow? Maybe its the dense riffage surrounded by equally lavish and thick symphonic synths? More than likely, it's all three. Where's Barnabas Collins or Tim Burton when we need them for explanation?

Mostly I'll speak to the music. Ardours, in my opinion, is simply melodic and symphonic heavy rock. Upon a spin or two, obvious musical characteristics rise to the surface: the already mentioned dense riffage enveloped by a wall of powerful symphonic synths. Then toss in Demurtas' voice which turns upon being equally demure, emotional, and atmospheric. An occasional guitar solo will rise within a song such as Last Place On Earth or Truths. Sometimes a song will drop in some wholesome rock beat and groove. Wherein I fould songs such as Design, Truths, Totally, and Therefore I Am, a bit more interesting. That last song has some powerful drumming from Tristania drummer Tarald Lie, who also wrote the lyrics for the album.

All in all, if you favor the musical schemata of lavish synth saturated melodic heavy rock, you will enjoy Ardours debut album, Last Place On Earth.

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The Bottom Line

All in all, if you favor the musical schemata of lavish synth saturated melodic heavy rock, you will enjoy Ardours debut album, Last Place On Earth.

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