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Edge Of Paradise: Universe
Edge Of Paradise - Universe Album Art Work

Edge Of Paradise: Universe

Symphonic Modern Metal Rock

Started in 2011 by vocalist Margarita Monet and guitarist Dave Bates, Edge Of Paradise returns from the studio with their third long player, Universe for the Frontiers Music label. With the new album, the band introduces a new and second guitarist in David Ruiz who came on board in 2017. Additionally, the album arrives just in time as Edge Of Paradise will be supporting Sonata Arctica on a massive European tour in November and December.

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Edge Of Paradise

If you've never heard Edge Of Paradise, here's a musical summation of their sound. Largely, the band plays modern, symphonic and melodic, metal rock, then add twists of electronic, industrial, and rave rock. At the forefront, of course, is Ms Monet with her smooth, soaring, and never straining vocal range. You'll find a typical Edge Of Paradise song to be characteristically dense, heavy and, more often than not, rather fast. Density and heaviness come equally from the wall of sharp guitar riffage and a swollen layer of synth orchestration. After these things, the rhythm section delivers some hefty power metal gallop and rock groove. With songs like Universe or Hollow, you might find the groove nearing that aforementioned industrial or rave rock. For the guitar lines, Bates and Ruiz seem completely absorbed in creating Edge Of Paradise's dense heaviness with their twin riffage. However, you will find some fine guitar solos scattered about the album, but you'll need to keep a keen listening ear. As a hint, you'll find a terrific solo in Stars. Now it's up to you to listen for more. If there is any respite to power and energy within the album, it comes with the song Word. Largely dialed down to feature Monet, synths, and drums, it has an atmospheric, somewhat ethereal, even eerie musical feeling. All said, Edge Of Paradise's Universe is another strong and entertaining album of their symphonic modern metal rock. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

Edge Of Paradise's Universe is another strong and entertaining album of their symphonic modern metal rock. Recommended.

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