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Gloryful: Cult Of Sedna
Gloryful - Cult Of Sedna Music Review

Gloryful: Cult Of Sedna

Traditional Heavy/Power Metal

Flying the flag of "keep it true" heavy metal, German style, is Gloryful returning with their fourth album, Cult Of Sedna. Still with national label Massacre Records, the new album features the bands most stable personnel since the addition of guitarist Adrian Weiss and bass player Daniel "Danij" Perl in 2014.

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The music of Cult Of Sedna features Gloryful's faithful interpretation of traditional heavy power metal. Once more you can expect lots of gallop and groove, mucho guitar harmony, oodles of thrilling twin guitar solos, and some rather epic vocal arrangements. Actually, while not uncommon to power metal, Gloryful's vocal arrangements have become a significant aspect of the band's sound. Johnny La Bomba has a fine metal style to his voice, singing clean, melodic, and with some fine range. Yet his voice is then also wrapped in Gloryful's choral-like arrangements. Being a fan of both exceptional vocals and soaring guitar work, Gloryful creates a perfect metal storm for this listener.

As for the tunes within Cult Of Sedna, here's a few highlights. With The Hunt and My Sacrifice, you'll find fast and heavy songs that race from the gate. Alternatively, songs such as Desert Stranger, Brothers In Arms or When The Union Calls On Me can have mixed pacing, but also turn on some fine rock-like rhythm and groove. Throughout you'll find an abundance of feisty guitar solos, likely the sin qua non of all true heavy metal. Suffice to say, Cult Of Sedna is another fine album of classic heavy power metal from Gloryful, perhaps their best album to date. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

Suffice to say, Cult Of Sedna is another fine album of classic heavy power metal from Gloryful, perhaps their best album to date.

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