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Grim Reaper: At The Gates
Grim Reaper - At The Gates Music Review

Grim Reaper: At The Gates

Traditional Heavy Metal

While Steve Grimmett resurrected Grim Reaper in 2006, it took another 10 years before a new studio album hit the heavy metal underground. Walking In The Shadows was a fine reminder of those grand days when the New Wave of British Heavy Metal saturated the world of metal. Not too long after the its release and then again on tour, Grimmett was hospitalized by an increasingly aggressive infection. In the course of treatment, the vocalist had part of his right leg amputated. Nevertheless, Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper (as it's properly known) soldiered on. The band returns with their latest and fifth studio album, At The Gates.

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Grim Reaper

There's little need to explain Grim Reaper. Their metal is classic and traditional heavy metal, pure and simple. The usual musical suspects are self-evident: tough riffs evolving into thrilling guitar solos, gallop and rock rhythm and groove from the rhythm section and, certainly, Grimmett's traditional soaring metal vocals. In this sense, Grim Reaper remains faithful and consistent to their style. And At The Gates merely picks up where the last album left off.

Most songs begin with tough riffs or a stinging guitar line backed by the thundering rhythm section. Then the gallop begins and Grimmett joins the fray. And the chase is on. Listeners can expect to bang their heads and do hair pinwheels (if you still have your heavy metal locks) on the way to a brisk and fiery solo from Ian Nash. It's a familiar, if not derivative, formula from Grimmett and crew which fans will easily enjoy. Favorite songs pick include Rush, Only When I Sleep, the vocal led Shadow In The Dark, the speedy Breakneck Speed, and The Hand That Rocks The Cradle with its catchy refrain. All in all, if you want a taste of classic Eighties NWoBHM heavy metal, look to 2019 and Grim Reaper's At The Gates. You won't be disappointed. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

All in all, if you want a taste of classic Eighties NWoBHM heavy metal, look to 2019 and Grim Reaper's At The Gates. You won't be disappointed. Recommended.

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