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Hollow Haze: Between Wild Landscapes ...
Hollow Haze - Between Wild Landscapes And Deep Blue Seas Music Review

Hollow Haze: Between Wild Landscapes ...

Melodic Symphonic Power Metal

Well. Things you don't know. I didn't know that Hollow Haze founder, guitarist, and songwriter Nick Savio dissolved the band back in 2015 after their sixth album Memories Of An Ancient Time. He went on to join Eternal Idol, another symphonic power metal band formed by vocalist Fabio Lione (who also performed on a previous Hollow Haze album). But now Savio has bailed from Eternal Idol to resurrect and reform Hollow Haze. The new band features bassist Davide Cestaro, vocalist Fabio Dessi (Arthemis) and drummer Paolo Caridi (MLB). If you recall, Savio and Hollow Haze have had more than a little turbulence in the vocal slot. Has he settled on a single singer, and will Dessi last? Inquiring minds want to know. Until then ...

Hollow Haze - Click For Larger Image

Hollow Haze

... Enjoy perhaps the best Hollow Haze album to date, and the one with the longest title, Between Wild Landscapes And Deep Blue Seas (BWLADBS). That may be enough to picque your musical interest. On the one hand, Savio and company are not reinventing the Hollow Haze wheel. BWLADBS offers the familiar Hollow Haze musical territory of melodic power metal wrapped in bombastic orchestration, rock rhythm and groove, sweet melodies, pleasing choruses, and thrilling guitar solos.

Maybe stepping away for a few years gave Savio some new perspective. The songs within BWLADBS sound fresh, enthusiastic, energetic and, fundamentally, accessible. Essentially, they hook you from the start, draw you in, keep your interest, and ultimately end up satisfying your listening ear. Much of this comes from those aforemented Hollow Haze essentials, but more specifically the melody, harmony, and rock groove abundant in each song. And vocal harmony is at a premium. Fabio Dessi is a marvelous vocalist, singing strong and clean, easily following the song melody and raising song harmony. (Heads up, Nick. Don't let this dude go.) Otherwise, for us purists, BWLADBS is still heavy and powerful in the grand tradition of classic heavy/power metal. Riffs roar; the rhythm section thunders and gallops; and guitar solos bristle and soar like skylighting fireworks.

As for the songs, I can safely say that there's not a runt among the litter. While most songs begin with ambitious orchestration, if you want some heavier tunes listen for A Different Sky, New Era, or Your Are My End And My Beginning. Symphonic power metal with ripping rock groove comes with songs like Destinations, Oblivion, and Behind The Wall. It's Always Dark Before The Dawn offers lighter orchestration to start, only to drop in a spry guitar line, and then moves with riffs and rock rhythm for more melodic heavy metal. A powerful anthemic metal ballad arrives with I Will Be There, where you find Fabio Dessi at his peak.

All in all, Hollow Haze's Between Wild Landscapes And Deep Blue Seas is simply a brillant and entertaining platter of melodic and symphonic heavy power metal. Their best yet. Get it. Quite recommended.

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The Bottom Line

Hollow Haze's Between Wild Landscapes And Deep Blue Seas is simply a brillant and entertaining platter of melodic and symphonic heavy power metal. Their best yet. Get it. Quite recommended.

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