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Imago Imperii: Fate Of A King
Imago Imperii - Fate Of A King Music Review

Imago Imperii: Fate Of A King

Melodic Heavy/Power Metal

If you hadn't guessed from their name Imago Imperii is from Italy. They been cruising the European metal underground since 2012. Not uncomnom to many bands, Imago Imperii has been frought with personnel changes along the way. They dropped their first long player, Legendaria in 2016. Now with a stable cast and crew, the band returns with their follow up,Fate Of A King, a concept album about English king Harold Godwinson who died in the famous Battle of Hastings in 1066 AD.

Imago Imperaii - Click For Larger Image

Imago Imperaii

Musically, Imago Imperii plays melodic heavy powe metal in the classic tradition, with the added nuances of bright keyboard, symphonic synths, and neo-classical guitar solos. New and current guitarist Luke Fortini is a fan of Yngwie Malsteem. You can hear the iconic guitarist in Fortini breathless and fiery solos as his fingertips tear up his fretboard. He may be the singular reason to check out this album. Otherwise, Imago Imperii's power metal is basically standard stuff: racing and bombastic with synth embellishment and a few solos, and sometimes with choral vocal refrains. Founding member and vocalist Fabio Guarnieri (Gwarner) has a raspy forceful voice that I often found grating and oppressive. Sometimes he seems to be venturing toward dirty vocals as within Conqueror for example. Ultimately, I think he's going for an assertive and raging metal vocal style. But then he allows his voice to be enveloped in choral vocals with his comrades, and so sounds better. Go figure.

Essentially, setting aside the vocals, if you like melodic power driven by gallop, groove, and neo-classical guitar work, you will enjoy Imago Imperii's Fate Of A King. Top song picks: Kingdom's United, The Landing, Harold Rex, and Saxon Warriors. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

Essentially, if you like melodic power driven by gallop, groove, and neo-classical guitar work, you will enjoy Imago Imperii's Fate Of A King.

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