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Leathurbitch: Into The Night
Leathurbitch - Into The Night Music Review

Leathurbitch: Into The Night

Heavy Speed Metal

Hailing from Oregon, Leathurbitch is a young upstart metal band made up of Portland area music veterans. Only a year ago, the band dropped their first self-titled EP. The short five song album caught the attention of German old school metal label, High Roller Records. Now the band returns with their first full-length album, Into The Night.

Leathurbitch - Click For Larger Image


To define Leathurbitch's metal is to allow the band to describe it. They call their style, sleaze speed metal. One look at the picture to your right and you get the sleaze and metal aspects. One listen to the tunes and you'll get the speed metal angle. Excepting the atypical intro, Into The Night, every song leaps from the gate with a gallop in the metal groove. The rhythm section rumbles and roars while twin guitar harmony and leads rage above the racing metal. Vocalist Joel Stair has more of the pitched classic metal style rather than the typical sleaze punk sneer. But, all in all, if you like your metal brisk and seething with oodles of ripping fast solos, Leathurbitch will find a home on your turntable. While all the songs take the bullet train rails, the speed limit is tested with Killing The Silence, I'm Insane, and the blistering The Search. Don't be fooled by the light acoustic intro to Killer Instinct as the song quickly moves into speed metal twisted with some more moderately paced heavy metal. Bottom line: Leathurbitch offers you sleaze speed metal, and they deliver as promised. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

If you like your metal brisk and seething with oodles of ripping fast solos, Leathurbitch's sleaze speed metal will find a home on your turntable.

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