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Metal Inquisitor: Panopticon
Metal Inquisitor - Panopticon Music Review

Metal Inquisitor: Panopticon

Traditional Heavy Metal

While their name may sound like a modern tabloid newspaper, Metal Inquisitor is a German band that plays traditional heavy metal. After a few re-issues from their back catalog, the band returns with their fifth studio album, Panopticon. The title refers to English philosopher and social theorist Jeremy Bentham's institutional building and a system of control where all the inmates of a prison can be observed by a single watchman. The cover art for the album is an illustration of the concept.

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Metal Inquisitor

Within Panopticon you will find Metal Inquisitor's version of traditional and classic heavy metal. This needs little explanation; you know the drill: twin guitar harmony, thrilling solos, galloping beat and groove, and generally melodic and clean vocals. Metal Inquisitor is generally channeling the sounds of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon, and like metal compadres.

Essentially then, from start to finish, the songs move with an abundance of speed and groove as they gallop to a round or two of fiery guitar solos. Some songs are simply fast and heavy, yet with groove, like Free Fire Zone and Shock Tactic. Several tunes, like Change Of Front, Discipline And Punishment, and Re-Sworn The Oath, begin with bristling guitar starts bolstered by bold drums. Fundamentally, if you like guitar driven classic heavy metal, you will enjoy Metal Inquisitor's Panopticon. 'Nuff said. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

Fundamentally, if you like guitar driven classic heavy metal, you will enjoy Metal Inquisitor's Panopticon. Recommended.

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