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Metalite: Biomechanicals
Metalite - Biomechanicals Music Review

Metalite: Biomechanicals

Melodic Power Metal

Formed a mere four years ago by guitarist Edwin Premberg and former vocalist Emma Bensing, Sweden's Metalite quickly dropped their debut album Heroes In Time in 2017 through Inner Wound Recordings. With Bensing subsequently departing Metalite, Premberg found local stage singer Erica Ohlsson to fill the position of lead vocalist. The band returns with their second long player, Biochemicals, now signed to Germany's AFM Records.

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As their band name suggests, Metalite plays heavy metal. But there's nothing "lite" about their sound. More specifically, Metalite plays musically pompous melodic power metal with a strong synth presence. Actually, their song compositions have a familiar, repititous pattern. Most every song begins with some kind of synth intro, anything from a quirky vibe to a trance beat to symphonic orchestration. What follows is generally a leap into pedal to the metal, fast and bombastic, power metal. Then things rush along until the guitarist, Premberg I'm guessing, rips into a guitar solo. That basically defines the essence of a Metalite song.

Curiously, while the synths provide a significant layer within each song, there are no synth solos (as far as I could tell). Which makes me think, in a live context, they're probably samples or, perhaps, Metalite hires a touring keyboard player. As for Ohlsson's vocals, she's a more traditional rock and metal singer, as opposed to the operatic female vocalist, and sings strong, melodic, and clean, while never straining. I liked her vocal presence.

So there you have it, follow the aforementioned song formula and merely press repeat. Unfortunately, some listeners may find Biomechanicals simply repetitious or redundant, and they would be correct. Rewards for consistency. Otherwise, if you like your European power metal bold, bombastic, fast, and tricked out with synth wonkery, you will enjoy Metalite and Biomechanicals. And Erica Ohlsson is some sweet eye candy. Grin.

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The Bottom Line

If you like your European power metal bold, bombastic, fast, and tricked out with synth wonkery, you will enjoy Metalite and Biomechanicals.

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