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Nocturnalia: III - Winter
Nocturnalia - III - Winter Album Art Work

Nocturnalia: III - Winter

Melodic Hard Rock

After a short three year hiatus, while band members pursued varied and different projects, Sweden's Nocturnalia returns to offer their third long player, aptly titled III - Winter for The Sign Records.

Nocturnalia - Click For Larger Image


Citing diverse influences such as Rainbow to Black Widow to the Viking metal of Bathory, Nocturnalia delivers classic guitar driven melodic hard rock, perhaps with a slight stoner vibe. Actually, the twin guitar harmony, sharp riffs, and extended solos are, perhaps, the band's most notable characteristic. If you like guitar rock, Nocturnalia, no doubt, is a band for you to consider. After this, I found the vocal arrangements to be most prominent, with vocalist Linus Lundgren having a melodic, yet a sometimes sullen and somber timbre, to his voice. His vocalizations are significant enough to add whole additional dimension to the Nocturnalia sound. Underneath these things, you'll find the rhythm section propelling the tunes with steady beat and groove. So then, on to a few song highlights.

With opening number, The Calling, you'll find Nocturnalia offering a lengthy melodic hard rock tune with a Western vibe. Think Ennio Morricone meets 70's classic rock. The aforementioned rhythm section propels the more speedy rock of Forsaken and Beyond The White. Yet, in the former, you'll find a mellow breakdown about three quarters in for a light guitar solo. For Winter Hymn, Nocturnalia offer a darker, more somber, tune with mostly thick riffs tied to Lundgren's voice. Alternatively, Come Alive begins with a softer start, with notable acoustic guitar, before rising to some heaviness around the midpoint, then leading to a thick guitar solo.

Essentially, as said earlier, if you like guitar-forward, bit dark and somber, classic hard rock, you will enjoy Nocturnalia's III - Winter. Check out the video below and support the band.

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The Bottom Line

Essentially, if you like guitar-forward, bit dark and somber, classic hard rock, you will enjoy Nocturnalia's III - Winter.

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