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Nth Ascension: Stranger Than Fiction
Nth Ascension - Stranger Than Fiction Music Review

Nth Ascension: Stranger Than Fiction

Melodic Progressive Rock

Since adapting their new moniker, Nth Ascension has been on a path to release a trilogy of albums. Trilogy in the sense that, beginning with 2014's Ascension Of Kings, each album has contained three songs from keyboard player Darrel Treece-Birch's Clanaan Chronicles. Essentially, it's a fantasy tale "which sees the rescue/redemption of a tortured realm from an evil dictator by a Seventh Rider who ultimately ascends to be a prophesied King." Yet alongside these three songs are additional compositions inspired by all Nth Ascension players.

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Nth Ascension

For the unfamiliar, Nth Ascension plays melodic and symphonic progressive rock in the venerable English tradition. However, and without dismissing any players contribution, the Nth Ascension sound mostly turns upon the dual components of guitar and synths. Between harmonious riffs and synth embellishment most every tune has dense and expansive feeling. The same duo also duels with competing solos, although I sometimes think guitarist Martin Walker may have the edge over Treece-Birch. But then you'll find the pair playing to each other's strengths. There's a fine synth and guitar breakdown about ten minutes into Journey's End. Similar in content is the center of Sound To Light where both instruments seemed tuned to the tone of the other. One edge that Treece-Birch has is his fine use of classical piano on several occasions. One is to start Fire In The Sky and then later within the aforementioned Sound To Light, where it can have almost a jazz feeling. (Then also followed by a guitar solo.) Within The Gathering, once more, you'll find that welcome synth and guitar tag team tandem filling out the album from the three quarter mark. Both are welcome as the song can seem sluggish and lumbering from the start. All said, and simply, Nth Ascension's Stranger Than Fiction is another fine melodic progressive rock album from this talented band. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

All said, and simply, Nth Ascension's Stranger Than Fiction is another fine melodic progressive rock album from this talented band. Recommended.

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