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Quiet Riot: Hollywood Cowboys
Quiet Riot - Hollywood Cowboys Album Art Work

Quiet Riot: Hollywood Cowboys

Melodic Hard Rock

Iconic American hard rock band Quiet Riot returns with their third studio album, Hollywood Cowboys, since their resurrection to new life in 2010, following the death of vocalist Kevin DuBrow. The recording once more features Frankie Banali on drums, Alex Grossi on guitar, Chuck Wright on bass, and American Idol veteran James Durbin on vocals. But, after recording this album, Durbin left the band this past September. He's been replaced by former Quier Riot vocalist Jizzy Pearl who appeared on Quiet Riot 10.

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Quiet Riot

It's enough to say, Quiet Riot continues to play their consistent classic melodic hard rock, perhaps mixing in parts blues and metal. Nevertheless, as I said elsewhere, I've never been a consistent fan of the band. However, I found 2017's Road Rage to be a fine recording, and better than the stuff of the Eighties. (Yeah. I just said that. Don't shoot me.) But after a few spins of this new album, I'm ambivalent once again. Mostly, musically speaking, I was captivated by Alex Grossi's guitar work. He delivers an abundance of thrilling solos. Alternatively, while still singing clean and melodic, Durbin sounded a bit more assertive, yet more monotone, this time around. Perhaps the move back to Jizzy Pearl will make things better, if he will actually sing any of the songs on this album.

As for the songs, excepting a few, they're pretty much standard classic hard rock tunes. You'll find some songs with pep and groove with In The Blood, Last Outcast, and the more AORish Wild Horses. With Hellbender, Quiet Riot seems to tap into their heavy metal groove. But for my money the two best songs are Roll On and Insanity. The former is essentially a blues hard rock song, with Grossi laying down some fine licks and Durbin sounding soulful. It's his best performance on the album. With Insanity, Grossi rips up his fret board with some assertive and frantic guitar moves before the song revs into fast and heavy rocker. All in all, while I remain ambivalent about Hollywood Cowboys, I believe fans will find the album to be another entertaining Quiet Riot melodic hard rock workout.

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The Bottom Line

While I remain ambivalent about Hollywood Cowboys, I believe fans will find the album to be another entertaining Quiet Riot melodic hard rock workout.

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