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Roxy Blue: Roxy Blue
Roxy Blue 2019 Self-titled Album Music Review

Roxy Blue: Roxy Blue

Melodic Heavy Rock

If you never heard of Roxy Blue, an American rock band from Memphis, I would not be surprised. They barely meet the definition of one hit wonder, despite an overwhelming amount of promise and support. Arriving in the early Nineties, Roxy Blue had the look, lifestyle, and sound of solid American hard rock. Moreover, they got their first push towards stardom from Warrant vocalist Jani Lane, who loved their music. Soon Geffen Records signed them to the label. The wheels of success hit fifth gear when Mike Clink, producer of Guns N Roses's Appetite For Destruction was tapped to deliver Roxy Blue's debut album, Want Some. But the fickle American rock crowd, drunk on Seattle grunge syrup, would not have any of it. Roxy Blue disbanded quickly.

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Roxy Blue

But who doesn't love a comeback kid story? The proverbial phoenix rising from smoldering ashes? How the wizards at Frontiers Music remembered Roxy Blue is anyone's guess. But Roxy Blue is back with three quarters of their original crew: Todd Poole (vocals), Josh Weil (bass), and Scotty Trammell (drums) with new guitarist Jeffrey Wade Caughron (replacing original guitarist Sid Fletcher, now a dentist).

Simply self-titled, Roxy Blue offers eleven melodic heavy metal rock tunes. You'll find the songs marked by an abundant wall of sharp and rabid riffage, a tough rhythm section delivering thunderous beat and groove, and then all things turning on some roaring guitar solos. While all this is imposing and impressive, I had some struggles with Todd Poole's vocal style. A few adjectives come to mind: ruff and gruff, raw and raspy, a mouthful of street cinders washed down by bottom shelf Kentucky bourbon. Yet, surprisingly, Poole can sing with some melody, and even seem dialed back with Collide and Blinders, esssentially heavy ballads. Otherwise, the aforementioned formula flows through the album. Wherein I found the groove driven riff rockers to be my favorite tunes, including Til The Well Runs Dry, Silver Lining, and the quite catchy Rockstar Junkie. Alternatively, the milder How Does It Feel finds Roxy Blue amping up their AOR groove for an arena rocker.

All said, Roxy Blue's self-titled comeback album finds the band in fine form, offering creative and robust melodic heavy rock. They still may not find an audience in their native America, but considering the state of the rock scene here that comes as no surprise. Get the album and support the band. #RockAintDead

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Narnia: From Darkness To Light

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The Bottom Line

All said, Roxy Blue's self-titled comeback album finds the band in fine form, offering creative and robust melodic heavy rock. Get the album and support the band. #RockAintDead

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