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Signum Regis: The Seal Of A New World
Signum Regis - The Seal Of A New World  Album Art Work

Signum Regis: The Seal Of A New World

Melodic Power Metal

My last experience with Slovakia's Signum Regis (Latin: sign of the king) was with 2015's Chapter IV - The Reckoning, pretty much a straight up power metal album. Actually, I thought they dropped off the face of the power metal planet. But no. In 2017, they celebrated their tenth anniversary with fifth studio album, Decennium Primum (more Latin: the first decade). Now Signum Regis returns with their new and latest album, The Seal Of A New World which introduces fans to their new vocalist, Brazilian Jota Fortinho (Nine Circles).

Signum Regis - Click For Larger Image

Signum Regis

The new album finds Signum Regis revisiting their version of European melodic power metal. Their metal recipe consists mostly of sharp riffs, bristling guitar solos, synths for accent and embellishment, with all things wrapped up in gallop and groove from a bustling rhythm section. While that formula is familiar, you may notice some progressive metal nuances as the songs can be mildly intricate at times. As for the new guy, vocalist Jota Fortinho sings clean, with fine range, and easily following both song melody and harmony. Fortihno gets some singular moments to shine through vocal breakdowns within I Always Go All In and The City Of God. Alternatively, within the title cut he switches between clean and raw, screamo vocals. Rather unpleasant at that. Additionally, guitar geeks will go gaga over Filip Kolus' frisky fret work.

To mention a few additional songs, for power metal to rattle your walls and melt your brain, listen for Scheme Of Lies, Fly Away, or Kings Of The Underground. Alternatively, with some moderate pacing, A Memory turns more upon rock groove, guitar and vocal harmony, and a catchy refrain. Just after the half there's a fine jazzy breakdown featuring acoustic guitar, bass, and drums. (Hint: breakdowns are frequent across the album; make a mental note to listen for them.) Later in the album, with Shalom, Signum Regis drops an anthemic metal ballad. Starting with voice over acoustic guitar and drums, a mellow guitar solo follows midpoint, and then the song rises to a riff and symphonic synth outro. Nice stuff. All in all, if you dig melodic power metal, perhaps with some prog nuances, you will enjoy Signum Regis's latest album, The Seal Of A New World. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

All in all, if you dig melodic power metal, perhaps with some prog nuances, you will enjoy Signum Regis's latest album, The Seal Of A New World. Recommended.

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