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Stonecast: I Earther
Stonecast - I Earther Music Review

Stonecast: I Earther

Heavy/Power Metal

Missing in action for six years, France's Stonecast finally returns with their third long player, I Earther, having some sci-fi themes. But somebody needs to explain how many members are in the band because it sure seems unclear from photos and press material. The album was mixed by celebrated guitarist and producer Roy Z (Sepultura, Judas Priest, Bruce Dickinson etc) who also provides the final guitar solo in The Earther.

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I Earther finds Stonecast returning to their signature heavy power metal lead by twin guitar harmony, epic guitar solos, big drums and thick bass, and Franck Ghirardi's assertive somewhat raspy vocals. Sometimes that raspiness can develop into a suffering screech like fingernails across a chalkboard. Even so, the combination of big beat drums with a wall of riffage can give Stonecast an epic metal sound.

That epic power metal feeling rises within The Earther, Goddess Of Rain, and Animal Reign. The latter song plays up the big drums and shredding riffs to offer power metal with some groove. Yet, a true rock groove guides the riff roaring heavy metal of Precipice To Hell. Perhaps the song of greater interest is The Cherokee. The song starts with a native American groove in the drum beat before rising to heavy metal with mixed pacing. Overall, the drums play a significant part in the song's development. I was somewhat disappointed with the last two tunes. Resistance had this weak plodding start which made up the first half of the song. Excepting the fine guitar solo, the second half wasn't all that interesting either. Stainless also seemed heavy and plodding with most recognizable characteristic the staccato drumming. Also, by the end, I was tiring of Ghirardi's screamo vocals. Nevertheless, for guitar intense and drum bombastic epic power metal, Stonecast's I Earther has its high points and fans of the band should be pleased with the album.

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The Bottom Line

For guitar intense and drum bombastic epic power metal, Stonecast's I Earther has its high points and fans of the band should be pleased with the album.

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