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Tug Of War: Soulfire
Tug Of War - Soulfire Music Review

Tug Of War: Soulfire

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

More than a few aspiring artists and musicians have been discovered on the Internet, often on YouTube. Who can forget vocalist Arnel Pineda discovered by Neal Schon and Journey? We all know where his career went from there. Canadian vocalist BK Morrison was discovered on YouTube by accomplished guitarist, songwriter, and producer Tommy Denander. Flying Morrison to Sweden, Denander and Morrison recorded songs for a new album. They dropped the tunes in the lap of Escape Music's Khalil Turk who loved the music and created Tug Of War to release Soulfire for Morrison's musical debut.

BK Morrison Photo - Click For Larger Image

BK Morrison

Several things can be said of Tug Of War and Morrison at the start. First, since the band features Denander's songwriting and guitar work, you can expect high quality AOR melodic hard rock driven by power guitar riffs and leads. Second, Morrison is a fine vocalist, singing strong with both passion and soul. Third, and putting these elements in context, without exceptional songs a vocalist's talent can easily be squandered. The reverse could be said as well, a terrible vocalist can destroy the best written songs. I've heard both in my 50 years of music listening. Neither is the case here, and that's a good thing. While Denander's guitar work is quite present throughout, he also wrote these songs for Morrison's voice.

As for the songs, and said earlier, you have some fine AOR melodic hard rock. You'll find some upbeat AOR rockers with plenty of bounce and groove with Before I Will Know, the catchy Confess To Your Demons, and the tongue-in-cheek Full Of Shit. For some true riff rockers from Denander listen for Fade To Black and the steadier, bit blues infused, I Won't Surrender. But that blues notion rises large in the somber My Soul Is A Ghost Town and the more upbeat On The Other Side. You'll find a traditional AOR ballad with Somewhere In The Past. If there's a dull spot on the album, it's Walk It Like A Man which is simply a laborious listen. Nevertheless, as a whole, Tug Of War's Soulfire, featuring guitarist Tommy Denander and introducing new vocalist BK Morrison is a fine, well-crafted, and entertaining album of AOR melodic hard rock. Easily recommended.

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The Bottom Line

Tug Of War's Soulfire, featuring guitarist tommy Denander and introducing new vocalist BK Morrison is a fine, well-crafted, and entertaining album of AOR melodic hard rock. Easily recommended.

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