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Viana: Forever Free
 Stefano Viana - Forever Free Music Review

Viana: Forever Free

Melodic Hard Rock/AOR

All but two years from his eponymous debut, Italian guitarist and composer Stefano Viana returns with his sophomore effort, Forever Free. The talented guitar slinger makes some significant moves with this album. Giant and Steel City vocalist and producer Bryan Cole steps up to the mike and co-produces with Viana. Additionally, Viana makes the leap from an Italian label to England's Escape Music, well-known for having their thumb on the pulse classic AOR melodic hard rock.

Stefano Viana Photo - Click For Larger Image

Stefano Viana

The last five words of the preceding sentence summarizes almost all you need to know about Viana. Stefano and company play classic AOR melodic hard rock, very guitar forward at that. Yet, the second thing you need to know is simply, go to your favorite independent record store and buy this album. This album is terrific. To rub a familiar well-worn copper, Forever Free is all killer with no filler.

Yet, I'm slightly ahead of myself here. There are other exceptional aspects to this album. One is simply the fine songwriting. From lyrics to arrangements, the songs rock with the power of melody and harmony, rhythm and groove, in a catchy AOR wrapper. Also, Bryan Cole's vocals are over the top tremendous. Teamed with the masterful Terry Brock, the vocal arrangements soar with strength and harmony. Combined with the music arrangements, you have true arena ready melodic hard rock to raise the roof.

As for the songs, as said earlier, there's not a runt in the litter (another well-worn penny of a phrase). Ergo, it's nearly unfair to highlight certain songs, simply because, to ditto myself, they're all powerful ear candy. But here I go again. For blistering and catchy AOR tunes, direct your attention to Forever Free, Heart Of Stone, and We Will Never Say Goodbye, all rocking tunes. Some of the best vocal harmony comes within in sweet and catchy In The Name Of Love, which also has some nifty cowbell. This song was an easy favorite for me. For some great party rock listen for Friday Night, which oozes with great vocals and groove. A powerful anthemic arena ballad comes with Do You Remember, where Terry Brock's voice rises with Bryan Cole in a powerful duet.

Simply, for awesome and satisfying AOR melodic hard rock ear candy, Stefano Viana's Forever Free is kick ass and killer. Get it. Quite recommended.

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The Bottom Line

Simply, for awesome and satisfying AOR melodic hard rock ear candy, Stefano Viana's Forever Free is kick ass and killer. Get it. Quite recommended.

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