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Weapon UK: Ghosts Of War
Weapon UK - Ghosts Of War Music Review

Weapon UK: Ghosts Of War

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal

With their revival in 2009, England's Weapon returned to he heavy metal underground. But it would take five years and a legally forced name change to Weapon UK for the band to drop true long player, Rising From The Ashes, with a vinyl version appearing in 2018. Now Weapon UK returns with long awaited sophomore album, Ghosts Of War, featuring new bass player Tony Forsythe.

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Weapon UK

Influenced by the rising musical phenom known as the New Wave of Heavy Metal (NWoBHM), Weapon UK revisits the genre with their own version of melodic heavy metal rock. Though NWoBHM was influenced itself by many genres (including punk), a solid hard rock groove was one of essential foundations to the sound. Ergo,some fans and listeners might find Weapon UK delivering less heavy metal and more melodic hard rock with Ghosts Of War. Indeed, many songs have sharp and striking riffs that give them a metal edge. But these things are wrapped up in strong song melody, fine vocal harmony, and plenty of rock beat and groove from the tight rhythm section.

These intertwining threads are within the groove-driven title track (catch the light guitar segue in the middle), the rocking and frolicking Queen Of The Ride, and the heavy metal rock of '79 Revisited. You'll find something more "metal" with razor riffs and tough bass line of Hell On Earth, yet the groove still abides. That AOR accessibility can be found with the completely catchy hard rocker All I Need. The digipak edition comes with short symphonic reprise of Ghosts Of War (shortened to G.O.W.). If you get the vinyl edition, you get a new version of their minor hit Set The Stage Alight. All said, Weapon UK's Ghosts Of War is another album of solid and satisfying NWoBHM-influenced melodic hard rock. Get it. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

All said, Weapon UK's Ghosts Of War is another album of solid and satisfying NWoBHM-influenced melodic hard rock. Get it. Recommended.

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