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Ambush: Infidel
Ambush - Infidel Art Work

Ambush: Infidel

Traditional Heavy Metal

The New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal (TNWoTHM) continues to ebb and flow, cascading its presence throughout the heavy metal underground. Among the many hot spots for this wonderful movement is chilly Sweden which have given such newcomers as Screamer and Enforcer. Arriving from the modest-sized city of Vaxjo, Ambush returns with their third long-player, Infidel, still signed to Germany's High Roller Records.

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Being, historically, huge fans of the original genre, and partial to Judas Priest and Accept, Ambush strays little from the traditional heavy metal formula. Ambush massages the essential musical elements beginning with twin guitar harmony, then adding some speed metal haste and rock groove from the rhythm section. That rock groove is a big deal for Ambush. Some of the best songs within Infidel are rabid with groove, especially Yperite, Hellbiter, or the heavier Heart Of Stone. Of course, epic guitar solos follow in their musical concoction, and guitar lover will be pleased. Vocalist Oskar Jacobsson sings clean and melodic, with some strength and rarely straining or going off the rails screamo. And as the classic metal formula goes, he's backed up by gang vocals from his musical comrades.

I've already mentioned a few songs. Here's some brief words about some others. You get some thundering bass, serious gallop, and ripping solos with the racing Lust For Blood. More speed metal numbers include Infidel and Iron Helm Of War, which roars from the start with brisk riffs and another thumping bass line. Speaking of gang vocals, you'll find the guys shouting it out within the fast and heavy Leave Them To Die. All said, for a 2020 interpretation of classic, keep it true, heavy metal, Ambush and their latest album, Infidel, is the real deal. Easily recommended.

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The Bottom Line

For a 2020 interpretation of classic, keep it true, heavy metal, Ambush and their latest album, Infidel, is the real deal. Easily recommended.

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