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Anvil: Legal At Last
Anvil - Legal At Last Album Art Work

Anvil: Legal At Last

Traditional Heavy/Speed Metal

How does that worn announcement go? Oh yeah. Something like this. Here's a band that needs no introduction. Indeed. Anvil is Anvil. The heavy speed metal band from Canada featuring founding members Steve "Lips" Kudlow and Robb Steiner has been going strong for better than 40 years, despite certain highs and a multitude of lowest lows. The latter came to light in the 2009 documentary film The Story Of Anvil, but also eventually led to something of a revival for the band. Now Anvil return with their latest and eighteenth studio album, Legal At Last with Chris Robertson on bass. The title and anvil bong art refer to the recent reform of Canada's national marijuana laws.

Anvil - Click For Larger Image


I'm not even going to bother explaining the Anvil sound. If you don't know Anvil, you need to back to the dark side of the moon and crawl back under your moon rock. Instead let's check out some of the tunes. As a matter of course, most songs here start with the trademark Kudlow/Reiner riff and drum launch, before leaping into some classic Anvil speed metal. Roaring and racing speed metal tunes arrive with Food For The Vulture, Legal At Last, the short and fast Bottom Line, and the bonus track No Time. Alternatively, Anvil trips you up with Gasoline and Said And Done, both songs turning more upon heavy steady metal with almost doom metal pacing. For Talking To The Wall, Anvil offers some heavy metal rock where a quick pace dovetails with hard rock groove. Throughout the album Kudlow lays down thick riffs and ripping guitar solos with a particularly frantic one within Nabbed In Nebraska. Simply, and unmistakably, Legal At Last is Anvil being Anvil, offering their tried and true heavy speed metal. Recommended.

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The Bottom Line

Simply, and unmistakably, Legal At Last is Anvil being Anvil, offering their tried and true heavy speed metal. Recommended.

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