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Dragonlore: Lucifer's Descent
Dragonlore - Lucifer's Descent Album Art Work

Dragonlore: Lucifer's Descent

Traditional Heavy Metal

Information about Dragonlore is more than a little sketchy. This much I have deduced. Dragonlore is an American (perhaps from Michigan) traditional heavy metal band. Which makes the band something of an oxymoron. Classic heavy metal doesn't exactly thrive in the United States anymore. Also, the band features journeyman vocalist Joe Dawson, known for his work with Mutinys Fold, ScreamKing, and Wrath Of Wolves, all obscure underground American metal bands. Dragonlore drops their debut long-player, Lucifer's Descent for Germany's Iron Shield Records, well known for their commitment to keep it true heavy metal.

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Naming the usual suspects, like Maiden, Priest, Metal Church, King Diamond, as influences, Dragonlore plays basic twin guitar driven classic heavy metal. The same features twin guitar harmony, fiery guitar solos, gallop and groove from the rhythm section, and Dawson's high pitched, often screamo vocals. When somebody asked, Can you sing more of the rails than Rob Halford? Joe Dawson came running. Between the crisp riffage and Dawson's nails on the chalkboard vocal style, Dragonlore's metal has acidic and sharp timbre. I can honestly say I loved the classic metal, especially the terrific guitar solos, but after three or five songs, I grew weary of Dawson's voice. Exceptions might include Saved By Love or parts of At The Mercy Of Kings. Perhaps I will acquire a taste for his rangy vocal style, but that assumes I'll be listening to this album a third time. So what's my summation? Dragonlore offers well-crafted, keep it true, heavy metal with terrific guitar work, but with a vocal style I found wearisome. You want honesty? You got it.

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The Bottom Line

Dragonlore offers well-crafted, keep it true, heavy metal with terrific guitar work, but with a vocal style I found wearisome. Want honesty? You got it.

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