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Ironflame: Blood Red Victory
Ironflame - Blood Red Victory Album Art Work

Ironflame: Blood Red Victory

Traditional Heavy/Power Metal

In 2016, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and journeyman vocalist Andrew D'Cagna (also Icarus Witch) began working on a solo project. But Ironflame quickly blossomed into something larger, a full band, two albums, and festival and tour appearances in America, Germany, and the larger European theater. Now his quintet returns with their third studio album, Blood Red Victory, on the Greensboro label, Divebomb Records. The album comes in serval formats including vinyl, cassette, and CD. For my electronic press kit (EPK), I received the vinyl version which includes only eight songs. The CD version includes two more bonus tracks. Do I feel shortchanged? Yup. But moving on ...

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Essentially, D'Cagna and crew play tradition heavy metal, revved up at times with speed for more power metal. Press info suggests that Ironflame is a modern metal band, but that's way off the mark. There's no harsh riffage, d-tuning, and D'Cagna sings clean and melodic with little screamo and no dirty vocals. He's one of the best classic metal vocalist from America. After these things, you'll hear plenty of harmonious twin guitar riffage, blistering solos, and a rhythm section roaring with gallop and groove. Ironflame is flying the flag of keep it true, old school, heavy metal. God bless America.

For a taste of the songs, you'll find some quite fast and guitar feisty tunes with Gates Of Evermore, On Ashen Wings, and Honor Bound. Sharp riffs and big drums lead songs such as Seekers Of The Blade, Grace And Valor, and Blood Red Cross. However, that last song dials back on the speed for more traditional steady heavy metal. With Graves Of Thunder, Ironflame taps into their hard rock groove, so the listener can tap his toe while he pumps his fist and does windmills (if you still have the hair for it. Grin.) All in all, with Blood Red Victory, Ironflame has delivered another fine album of, traditional, twin guitar driven, heavy metal. Get it. Easily recommended.

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The Bottom Line

With Blood Red Victory, Ironflame has delivered another fine album of, traditional, twin guitar driven, heavy metal. Get it. Easily recommended.

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